Historical Researches

The historical artifacts in GoArt are thoroughly researched by our expert historians before they are included in the application.

Field Survey

Carried out by using "Lidar" technology, field survey ensures that the space is suitable for tourist travel, while providing a travel experience that is compatible with augmented reality.

Our Virtual Guide

Your virtual guide "Evliya Çelebi" will accompany you during your trips with GoArt. Evliya Çelebi shows you the way at the historical site, gives information about the artifact and answers your questions.

    Motion Capture

    GoArt animations are produced in their own studios where Motion Capture technology is used to provide the quality that is closest to reality.

    We aim to offer our travelers a unique experience by integrating our historical researches, field surveys, virtual guide, 3D models, historical characters and our life cycle into the Unity game engine.

    The traveler travels not to arrive somewhere, but to explore. Let The Quest For History Begin!