Augmented Reality Technology (AR)

    At GoArt, we make it possible to travel to the past by deriving the power to offer a unique experience to travelers with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Discover the History

GoArt enables you to witness any period of any historical artifact you want by making time travel possible.
Follow the guidelines as you proceed to the artifact area and witness the daily life of the people of the period.


We work with competent history scholars and archaeologists to reflect the daily life of the people and sociocultural structure of the period in all details in accordance with the historical data of the premises where the historical and touristic artifacts are located.

    Virtual Guide

    Evliya Çelebi, our virtual guide developed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, is with you throughout your travel!

    He will accompany you during your travels with free multi-language options.

    You Have a Place in History!

    GoPhoto allows time travelers to take pictures with historical characters using augmented reality technology!

Which Technologies are used?

GoArt is a location-based time travel and travel diary application developed with Unity game engine using augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR)

GoArt takes its power from AR technology and offers its users unique experiences full of history.

Artificial Intelligence

Evliya Çelebi, the virtual guide developed with artificial intelligence technology, is always with you to answer your questions.

Blockchain Technology

We integrate the GoArt planet with blockchain technology.
Coming soon!

    The traveler travels not to arrive somewhere, but to explore. Let The Quest For History Begin!