About Metaverse by Roof Stacks, CEO, Burak Soylu



What is reality? Are things perceived by scientists, to our senses accepted as reality, or are there also things that we cannot perceive with our senses? The fact that the relationship between perception and memory is open to the influence of internal and external factors complicates the processes of reality, perception of reality and definition of this perception.[1] Stabilizing these variables, one's perception of realities beyond time, defining the reality he perceives and making it possible for third parties to perceive and accept, in other words, the curiosity of humanity beings to go beyond the current time and dimension have been the subject of research and discussion in disciplines such as physics, theology, mythology and astronomy.


Technology has been involved in these discussions with intelligent production processes with developments such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning which started with Industry 4.0. With the subsequent coming Industry 5.0, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality concepts which started and their decisive role in the process has been increasing. Using augmented reality and mixed reality in the journey of searching beyond the reality of humanity, the user experience has increased to the highest level and researches have focused in this field.


With the use of augmented reality together with opportunities provided by the latest technologies such as smart IOT devices operated with the remote connection, and autonomous devices that develop their own decision-making processes by analyzing the data collected by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the sense of reaching “reality” went one step further and sought the doors of “METAVERSE” concept.


While it is predicted that the metaverses, consisting of the digital twins of objects, people or cities, will be larger than the physical universe in the near future, in the last 6 months, the world's largest technology companies have started to announce that they are working on the construction of the metaverse. Niantic, the developer of the Pokemon GO game, has announced that they are working on an AR-based platform that overlaps the real world with outdoor-enabled AR glasses.[2] Snapchat with over 280 million daily active users, has announced that they work to be an augmented reality and location-based metaverse platform built around people's avatars[3], Zuckerberg has said that he will transform Facebook from a social media company to a metaverse company with his metaverse investments[4], Epic Games has said that they built Fortnite as a metaverse as more than just a game[5], The Washington Post announced that Silicon Valley is competing for the metaverse, which they describe as the next version of the internet[6], and that Fortnite is close to success[7]. We, as Roof Stacks, started our metaverse studies to which the technology world has paid attention, after these developments in the last 6 months, 4 years ago with with R&D studies. As a result of 4 years of R&D, the "GoArt Metaverse", in which we built the digital twin of the physical universe in the past and opened the first dimension door to our users last month, is now the first AR-based metaverse in the world. GoArt Metaverse, the digital twin of the physical universe in the past, provides users with the opportunity to change dimensions between the physical universe and the metaverse through the wormhole dimension doors, allowing the user to travel between times without the need for any extra equipment other than their mobile phones.


With GoArt Metaverse, the first version of which has been published and will develop with new dimension gates and features in each version, our aim is not to distance people from the real world and disconnect them from reality in a dyspotic universe. With GoArt Metaverse, we aim to enable people to interact with places and people who are physically far away from them, to take the users out and to encourage them to take action with the feature that works in sync with the maps, and most importantly, to enable the user to experience the history of the region they are in and to complete their real-world experiences with their past life digital twin, without forgetting that technology is valuable to the extent that it is beneficial to humanity.


Travel back in time is now possible with Goart Metaverse!

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